WWE Diva Has ‘No Touching’ Rule For Male Fans Asking For Picture

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According to wrestling news site wrestlingnewssource.com, current WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee has recently implemented a new rule to her male fans.

When a fan spotted AJ in Texas over the weekend, he asked the diva for a photo.  The champ agreed, but told the fan “No touching. Sorry.” to which the fan replied “Understood, no problem.”  This rule wasn’t just applied to him, but many male fans as well.

This rule was made when AJ got inappropriately touched while posing a pic with a male fan when he got a little too close for comfort.  In April during Wrestlemania weekend at Fan Axxess, fans were not allowed to touch, hug or put their arm around AJ.  Only allowed to lean over the table for the pic.

Katie’s Two Cents: I commend AJ for standing her ground on this.  These divas, and every other female wrestler for that matter should have the right to say they don’t want a male fan touching them.

While hearing this for the first time, it took me back to a couple years ago when former Diva Maria Kanellis was inappropriately grabbed by a male fan when she was starting out in Ring of Honor.  Maria took to her twitter account to share her uncomfortable situation;

Thank you New York for coming to see Mike Bennett and myself. But the guy in the front row that grabbed my bum, I will have you thrown out next time. You are a pervert!!
I am not to be touched, ever, by a fan weather I am working or not. It’s gross. I am not a toy. You pay to watch, so watch. Don’t touch. The only person that can touch is Mike Bennett. From now on you will get thrown out. thank you…

AJ and rest of these fabulous ladies put their bodies on the line every night, the least us fans can do is listen and respect their rules and their personal space.


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