SummerSlam Report: New Divas Champion Crowned!

summer2Just minutes ago on WWE Summerslam, #1 contender Paige became a 2x Divas Champion by defeating AJ Lee.

 With amazing back and forth action, the end came near when Paige was trying to go for her ‘Paige Turner’ finish, but the champ reversed it into her infamous ‘Black Widow’ submission.  Never the quitter, Paige fought out of the deadly move by reversing out of it and countering AJ with a cradle DDT, aka ‘Rampaige’ getting the win.

While rubbing salt on the wound, Paige lays her newly won title on an unconscious AJ’s lap and gives her a hug from behind her back with a quick kiss to the cheek.

Not only is this Paige’s second Divas Championship win, but today is also her 22nd birthday.  So happy birthday and congrats on the win Paige!


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Hello! I'm Katie and I run the site The Daily Knockout! I'm a huge wrestling fan, most women's but still enjoy the men too. Hope you are enjoying my site!

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