SummerSlam Report: Who Emerged Victorious in Stephanie vs Brie?

summer6Earlier The Daily Knockout reported that Paige won back the WWE Divas Championship for a second time and now DK can report on the Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella match.

In a surprisingly great women’s match, Stephanie McMahon defeated Brie Bella with a Pedigree finisher.

The match turned in Stephanie’s favor when hubby Triple H came down ringside to make sure she didn’t lose.  Following right behind him though was Brie’s twin sister Nikki to give her support to sister/tag team partner.  As Brie got Steph in the Yes! Lock, Triple H pulled the ref down hard.  Brie then takes out Triple H with a basement slide dropkick to Trips outside the ring.  While Brie stands over the COO, Nikki gets into the ring and taunts a scared Stephanie.  Stephanie crawls backwards to the other side, only to have Brie right behind her, she’s now trapped between both Bellas.  In a shocking twist, Nikki pushes Stephanie out of the way to attack her own sister!  As Triple H wakes up the ref, Stephanie puts Brie into position for a Pedigree and gets the win!

I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting much of anything out of this match but I was really glad of how wrong I was!  Even with Stephanie being out of the ring for 10 years, she did an amazing job tonight and was the star of the match in my opinion.


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