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SummerSlam Report: Who Emerged Victorious in Stephanie vs Brie?

summer6Earlier The Daily Knockout reported that Paige won back the WWE Divas Championship for a second time and now DK can report on the Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella match.

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WWE’s Top Ten Most Successful WWE Divas has compiled a list of the top ten most financially successful WWE Divas both current and former.  Which current divas take a spot on the list?  Which former diva came out at the top? The answer may surprise you…

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Divas Featured in’s ’20 shocking discoveries in WWE history’ has put together a list of the 20 Shocking Discoveries in WWE History.  Which divas were on the list? Find out here…

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Stephanie McMahon (@StephMcMahon) Serving as Honorary Chairwoman at the 2014 Special Olympics

RAW_1045_Photo_001Stephanie McMahon will serve as an honorary team chairwoman at the 2014 Special Olympics. The event will be held in Stamford next year and Stephanie took pictures with all of the team members at the announcement event.

She noted, “I look out at this courageous group of athletes and I know that you will make us all proud at the Special Olympics next June.”

Possible WWE Diva Roster For WWE’s 2K14 Video Game

Wwe-divas-logo-2048x2560 has resently posted a possible roster for the upcoming video game, WWE 2k14.  The roster includes current and former WWE divas.  Please keep in mind that this roster isn’t 100% confirmed yet…

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Stephanie McMahon (@StephMcMahon) On Her Favorite UFC Fighter and Diva of All Time

stephbannerExecutive Vice President of WWE and former Women’s Champion, Stephanie McMahon recently revealed on twitter who her favorite UFC fighter is and who her favorite diva of all time is.

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managers has recently complied a list of the best 25 managers in WWE history.  Of those 25, six of them where the greatest female entertainers in the company.  Let’s see how they were ranked…

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Sneak Peek Of Stephanie McMahon’s Photo Shoot For Muscle Website

stephbannerWWE Vice President and former WWE Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon is showing off her buff side in this sneak peek of her photo shoot with thanks to TMZ.  What keeps Stephanie in shape?  Not only the obvious eating well, but also training in boxing (which I’ve her she’s insanely good at) under the eye of her trainer bodybuilding legend and diet guru Dave Palumbo.  Click here to see the impressive pics of the VP, But fair warning… seeing these pictures could result in jealousy, envy and inspiration 😉

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2K Games Reportedly Upset With Stephanie McMahon

ontherunwayStephanie McMahon made some people upset last week when she revealed that the Rock would be n the cover of the upcoming “WWE 2K14” video game. The reveal of Rock on the cover was to be a very big deal, with the original idea to have Rock appear on WWE TV to make the announcement and promote the game. When McMahon made the announcement via Twitter, 2K employees were said to be “freaking out” due to the plans being ruined.